The foundation of our company was paralell with the hungarian FMCG market and it’s evolution. The members of our company are working in the food and marketing industry since the 1980’s, hence the members of this business are well experienced in this sector. As our references, we have worked with several hungarian KKV and multinational FMCG brand, and played the main role in development and of introduction their products.

With this knowledge and backround, Bio Fair Trade ltd. was established in 2008 with the determination of developing, producing and distributing hungarian goods for people with food intolerance and for those who are concerned in conscious lifestyle, so they can maintain their diet with good quality foods in their everyday life.

Therefore, nowadays we have reached that covering the whole millwok procedure we creat guaranteed gluten free flour (corn, ride, millet, buchwheat, milo) in our own gluten free factory. We merchandise our prducts for the processing idsudustry in bulk.

In retail package we manufacture PLB products of several chains. Our own so called „umbrella” trading brand Nettfood Free From is well set up. Under this brand we produce the kind of gluten free products that are analogue for any convention food such as pasta, flour, side dishes in a wilde range of baked goods. We should also mention that we merchedise these goods with IFS Food 6 higher level quality assurance and organic accreditaion. We are present in every hungarian modern trade and traditional commercial unit.

Our export activity is currently extended to the area of EU.

Every member of our enterprise is unitedly engaged to the high standard workflow. We are convinced that maintaining the work based on solid principles is the only good way to satisfy and to keep up the trustfullness of our employees, suppliers, costumers and consumers.

Are you interested in our products? We would be happy to present them to you. Feel free to get in touch with us via phone, e-mail or in person, you can see our contacts below.